Billboard and NYU Announce Partnership for New 'Music Industry Essentials' Educational Program

Billboard has partnered with the NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music to launch a unique educational program focused on the music industry, it was announced today (April 18). The new program, titled Music Industry Essentials, will exist in a digital format and provide comprehensive insight on a bevy of subsects in the business, including music production, history and marketing.

“For as long as people have been making music, passionate listeners have been dedicating their lives to making sure that music gets heard,” said Jeff Rabhan, Chair of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU and a course instructor, in a press release. “With this program, motivated fans will learn what it takes to make a difference in this multi-billion-dollar, worldwide business.”

The six-course, 20-hour plus program aims to give prospective students the proper skillset to build the foundation of a successful career in music. In addition to the deep dive into countless angles of the industry -- including the evolution of recorded music, streaming rights, and fan engagement -- learners will be privy to insider information from some of the industry’s most well-established experts.

Several voices from Billboard, NYU’s staff and other leaders from across the music industry, such as World Artists United and UnitedMasters, will share their insights. The partnership is in association with New York-based organization Yellowbrick, which helps facilitate learning experiences alongside top universities and brands.

“People that work in the business are the keepers of certain treasures,” says Rabhan. “It’s impossible to make things better if you don’t know the evolution. There are very few industries where things that were released 60 years ago are still popular -- music is one of them. We’re going to talk about Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson and Frank Sinatra forever.”

For Rabhan, providing an authentic experience that details the type of work completed at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music has long been a challenge, especially in a digital format. However, after Yellowbrick CEO Rob Kingyens -- whose company has experience in courses of like from prior partnerships with Complex, Teen Vogue and Allure --  showed Rabhan the vision for the program, he was hooked immediately. In addition, the program’s contributions from Billboard, the leading publication in music, will help provide unique access and expertise for those learning about the record industry.

"As the world’s most influential music media brand, Billboard has always exposed readers to the latest developments in and around the music business,” says Hannah Karp, editorial director of Billboard. “Now, with the help of Yellowbrick and NYU, we have a chance to take that educational role a step further: preparing the music industry leaders of tomorrow.”

The program will open this spring, and students interested in participating can learn more here. Additionally, you can sign up for the mailing list for exclusive updates and to receive a sneak peek at Music Industry Essentials.