Beanie Feldstein Opens Up in Heartfelt Essay About the Death of Her Brother, Music Manager Jordan Feldstein

Jordan Feldstein
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Jordan Feldstein

It's been more than a year and a half since music manager Jordan Feldstein suddenly died at age 40 from a blood clot blocking an artery in his lungs. On Wednesday (April 17), his sister, actress Beanie Feldstein, opened up about the tragedy for the first time in an essay for InStyle titled "Grief Glasses."

In the piece, the Lady Bird actress compares grieving to a pair of glasses "strapped to my face" which "make me see the world differently than I did before."

"Grief is just impossible," the 25-year-old writes. "It cannot be contained or summarized or enclosed... To describe the wound grief leaves if you have not experienced it is to come to it hazy and out of focus.

"About a year ago, Jordan Feldstein passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a remarkably generous, intelligent, loving person. He was an incredible father, beloved by his boys... He was a deeply devoted son," she continued. "He was a brilliant creative mind. And he was my biggest brother. He gave me so many things, including my name," she said of her brother.

"The pain is so unbearable at times, so unremitting. Yet, in addition to the deluge of feelings leaking out of me at all times, I have found the process of grief (because it is and will always be a process, never finished, never concluded) to be just as resonant in my mind as it is in my heart."


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Feldstein -- also brother to actor Jonah Hill -- was the co-founder and CEO of Career Artist Management and managed Maroon 5, his childhood friend Adam Levine's band. He also worked with Miguel, Big Boi and Chromeo, among others.

According to a postmortem report by the coroner, the music manager suffered from a condition called pulmonary thromboembolism and deep leg vein thrombosis, another type of blood clot.