Mandy Moore Reveals She's Working on New Music

Actress and singer Mandy Moore, hot off the season three cliff-hanger finale of NBC’s This Is Us, appeared on Busy Tonight on Monday (April 8). While chatting with host Busy Phillipps, the “Candy” popstar revealed that she’s writing new music for the first time in a decade.

“I haven’t put out a record in a decade,” Moore explained. Now that the hit television show is on hiatus, she’s found time to work on her other craft. “I’m writing with my friends, I’m writing with my husband,” she revealed. Moore’s husband is Taylor Goldsmith, guitarist and singer of rock band Dawes.    

When Philipps asked what kind of sound the artist was aiming for, she was candid. “I want it to sound like what Fleetwood Mac would sound like in 2019.”

Other notable takeaways from the guest appearance included the revelation that Moore’s dream role in film might become a possibility. A movie-musical version of Guys & Dolls is said to be in the making. However, the actress was told a male lead was going to be cast first, before female considerations.  “That’s such f---ing bull----,“ Philipps bluntly reacted. “For all of the talk, you know, things are still run by a bunch of white men.”

Moore was later surprised by co-star Chris Sullivan. He helped celebrate the actress’ 35th birthday with a piñata and cake. Watch a clip from the interview below.