Craig Finn Finds 'Something To Hope For' On Melodic New Track: Exclusive

Craig Finn
Shervin Lainez

Craig Finn

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady has unveiled “Something To Hope For,” the latest track off his upcoming fourth solo album, I Need A New War, premiering exclusively on Billboard Wednesday (March 27). Finn is also debuting a special performance video of the track, which sees him backed by the We All Want The Same Things Band at Brooklyn's Murmrr Theatre.

The song details the unexpected comeuppance of a man who finds that he has something new to offer the woman he loves after receiving a payout in an auto accident.

“A few years back I was driving a rental car in Atlanta, and listening to local radio,” Finn tells Billboard. “I was struck by the amount of ads from law firms in the area that promised clients huge windfalls from being in car accidents. Some spots even made sure to mention that it didn’t matter if the accident was your fault, you were still eligible for a big payout. I started to imagine someone who had recently been the recipient of such a payday -- a little banged up from the crash, but ecstatic to have some money in his pocket for the first time in a while. He’s got a little spring in his step and the start of a plan.”

The new solo album from The Hold Steady frontman will be a follow-up to 2015’s Faith In The Future and 2017’s We All Want The Same Things, two records the veteran indie rocker views as thematic older siblings to the upcoming project. 

“I think of these records as a trilogy, each looking at everyday people trying to stay afloat, each record looking from a new angle,” Finn adds. “‘Something To Hope For’ is one of many songs from these records that tells a story of someone finding a small bit of brightness in an otherwise difficult landscape.”

I Need A New War is slated for release on April 26 via Partisan Records.

Get a first listen of “Something To Hope For” -- both the studio and live versions -- below.