Listen to 'Do-Dilly-Do,' Walter Martin's Bouncy Song For Animated Feature 'Missing Link': Premiere

Missing Link
Courtesy of Annapurna

Missing Link animated film.

In Laika/Annapurna Pictures’ stop-action animated film Missing Link, Hugh Jackson voices Sir Lionel Frost, an investigator who travels in search of Sasquatch (voiced by Zach Galifianakis). Together, they try to find the Missing Link’s long-lost relatives in mythical Shangri-La.

Zoe Saldana, Emma Thompson and Timothy Olyphant also voice characters in the Chris Butler-directed film.

The snappy end title song, “Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You),” written and performed by The Walkmen’s Walter Martin, premieres below and is available as an instant grat track starting Friday (March 22).

The toe-tapper recalls some of Randy Newman’s film song work, with the same lighthearted sense of bonhomie.  “I went in somewhat blind at the beginning but was immediately inspired by the movie and banged out a demo that Chris loved,”  Martin tells Billboard.  “He was great at keeping me on track and making sure I kept all the heart and humor and handmade feel in the finished product. Fortunately I feel pretty comfortable writing from the perspective of a Sasquatch.”

The movie opens April 12, with Lakeshore’s soundtrack releasing the same day. The soundtrack includes Martin’s tune, as well as Oscar-nominated composer Carter Burwell’s score. Burwell’s cue, “Westward Ho,” premieres below.

Track List for Missing Link

01. Missing Link
02. Lionel vs Nessie?
03. A Letter
04. Dark Days
05. Westward Ho
06. Forest Primeval
07. What Do I Call You?
08. Bar Brawl
09. Breaking And Entering+
10. More Than Acquaintances
11. Terrible Thieves
12. Stenk At The Station
13. Stagecoach
14. Susan
15. Thunderclouds
16. Stormy Waters
17. Passage To India
18. The Himalayas
19. Don’t Mention The Chicken
20. Dinner With Gamu?
21. Climbing
22. Big Foot Prints
23. Shangri-La?
24. Myth Made Real
25. The Inescapable Pit
26. Prove It
27. Escape Plan
28. No One Will Remember Your Name
29. Ice Fight
30. My Own Adventure
31. The Fiji Mermaid
32. Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You) - Walter Martin