Sia, Jason Derulo & More Wrestle With Graphic Michael Jackson Allegations in 'Leaving Neverland'

"Championing Michael’s good doesn’t mean you also are championing Michael’s bad," Lupe Fiasco weighs in.

As the impact of Leaving Neverland reverberates through the Twittersphere and beyond, celebrities, family members and former associates continue to react to the allegations of child sexual abuse against Michael Jackson detailed in the bombshell HBO documentary.   

The film’s two subjects, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, allege that the late King of Pop sexually abused them for years as children at his Neverland Ranch, grooming the boys through gifts and attention that eventually turned sexual -- including instances of rape, ring shopping and the staging of a mock wedding ceremony with Safechuck.   

Jackson’s family members -- including daughter Paris, brother Jermaine and nephews TJ and Taj -- continue to maintain MJ's innocence, protesting the alleged victims’ claims as bold-faced lies and exploitation of the late superstar’s memory. Meanwhile, other celebrities have rallied behind Robson and Safechuck after seeing the documentary, with some even retracting their previous support of Jackson.  

Corey Feldman, who had initially taken to Twitter in a passionate defense of his friend upon seeing Leaving Neverland, walked back his statement after taking time to process the documentary’s claims.

“I don’t want to be perceived as I’m here to defend Michael Jackson, because I can no longer do that,” he stated in an interview with HLN on Thursday. “I can not in good consciousness defend anyone who’s being accused of such horrendous crimes. I’m also not here to judge him, because again, he did not do those things to me and that was not my experience."

Meanwhile, Grace Rwaramba, the former nanny to Jackson’s three children, issued a lengthy statement against the allegations. “If Michael harmed Wade Robson and James Safechuck, they have my deepest sympathy and compassion,” Rwaramba said in the statement. “I don’t claim to know what happened between Michael and his accusers. I wasn’t there. However, because Michael is no longer here to defend himself, and because I have a unique view of him and the life he lived, I feel compelled to speak out against what I firmly believe to be false claims. The person that Wade and James describe is not the person that I knew.”

She continued, stating, “He was trusting to the point of extreme naivete; always assuming the best intentions in everyone,” Rwaramba said of Jackson in the statement. “While he was far from perfect, in my over twelve years of living with Michael, knowing him and his lifestyle intimately, I never saw or experienced anything that led me to suspect that he was capable of child sexual abuse."

Others, like Jason Derulo, have not seen the documentary, choosing instead to focus on the legacy of music left behind by the King of Pop. “Michael was the sole reason I started singing and dancing, so this was a way for me to give back,” Derulo said of his new single “Shut Up and Dance” in an interview with The Associated Press. “I started this project because of my love of the performer that Michael Jackson is and the influence that he had on my life as the best performer that ever lived. This has nothing to do with anyone’s personal life.”

Check out more reactions both in defense of and against Jackson below.


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Salute to the greatest artiste of all generation 750,000,000 albums sold donated over 300,000,000 to charities worldwide Thriller is the biggest selling album of all times over 100,000,000 copies sold: THEY DRAGGED HIM FROM NEVERLAND TO NETHERLANDS ON 14 COUNTS OF CHILD ABUSE AND HE WALKED AWAY FREE IF HE WAS GUILTY ON ONE COUNT Y’ALL THINK HE ‘D WALK FREE: Move unuh duty blooodclaath KKK unuh cyaah smear black history this not R Kelly this is the King of Pop Music MICHEAL JACSON Call him weirdo call him crazy call him whatever but he is no child molester they couldn’t prove it in life why now in death make him Rest In Peace once and for all Black Excellency---- ALSO WE NOT DEFENDING MJ BCUZ HE’S DEAD WE DEFENDING HIS GREAT MUSICAL LEGACY!

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Every hero has a flaw. Every hero has their time in sun. We’ve applauded the films of rapists. Danced to the music of drug dealers and drug addicts, possibly one in the same. We’ve marched under the leadership of adulterers. Designed our lives around the wisdom of racists. Had the word of God spoken to us by pedophiles. Fed ourselves with food that kills us. Lied to the people we love to keep them loving us. Dressed up like sluts. Let television and iPads raise our children and our adults. Believe people we don’t know. Michael was/is my hero. He’s not my God. Michael was/is larger than life but he was not life itself. Michael represented creative excellence but he was not excellent. Michael wowed us with Moonwalks and anti-gravity leans but he wasn’t an alien or some supernatural being. With all this Michael is not necessary and for that matter nobody is necessary. Take the parts that inspire and let them inspire, take the parts that disgust and make sure that we apply the pressure and grace to make sure our heroes never put us in this position again. Championing Michael’s good doesn’t mean you also are championing Michael’s bad. Listening to his songs doesn’t mean you are supporting pedophilia or rape. But let’s call him to task, listen to the alleged victims, here all sides and learn the lessons that need to be learned: LESSON#1: STOP GIVING YOUR FUCKING KIDS TO WEIRDOS IN HOPES THAT THEY WILL BECOME STARS BY ASSOCIATION!!! LESSON#1: STOP COMING TO LA WILLING TO DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO GET ON!!! LESSON#1: STOP USING YOUR BODY LIKE ITS A FUCKING CREDIT CARD!!! LESSON#1: YOUR MOUTH, DICK, PUSSY AND ASSHOLE IS NOT A DOORWAY TO YOUR DREAMS!!! LESSON#1: GRAB YOUR DUMB FRIEND BY THE ARM AND PULL THAT BITCH OUT THE CLUB WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE!!! LESSON#1: DONT GO!!! LESSON#1: VICTIMS ARENT BORN. VICTIMS ARE MADE. LESSON#1: CHECK THE SHIT OUT OF + POSSIBLY PUT HANDS ON THE PREDATORS AND POTENTIAL PREDATORS THAT ARE IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU KNOW ARE UP TO NO GOOD. Admitted predators, rapists & pedo’s are being actively protected by active members of the US gov because they “know too much” yet we still allow these folks to manage the affairs of our society.

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