Watch Every Selena Cover at Houston Rodeo 2019, From Cardi B to Camila Cabello

Cardi B performs at Rodeo Houston on March 1, 2019 in Houston, Texas. 

The Houston Rodeo is back at the NRG Stadium for another year of livestock shows, carnivals and a particularly star-studded concert lineup, including the likes of Zedd, Chris Stapleton, Kane Brown and many more.   

Most recently, Camila Cabello performed on Tuesday night, decked in a stylish modern cowgirl outfit, and took the time to cover a timeless Selena hit. Selena Quintanilla, who grew up just southeast of Houston in Lake Jackson, Texas, was a regular at the rodeo show. Her Feb. 26, 1995, show at the rodeo was Selena's third, and final, RodeoHouston appearance -- just one month before her tragic murder.   

Tributes to the late “Amor Prohibido” singer seem to be a theme throughout this year's Houston Rodeo, and Billboard rounded up the other nods to the Tejano legend. See them below.  


Camila Cabello, "Dreaming of You"
"55,001 souls dreaming of Selena last night at the Houston rodeo. We love you, Selena," the "Havana" singer wrote alongside a video of the airy cover.   


55,001 souls dreaming of Selena last night at the Houston rodeo. We love you, Selena --

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Cardi B, "Como La Flor"
The rapper drew a record-breaking 75,580 fans to her show and thanked Selena for giving her the courage to perform in front of the massive crowd. "I was so nervous to perform in front of 70,000-plus people, but when i saw this picture, like, out of all the outfits that she wore, for me to see this picture with this outfit -- this was the inspiration for 'Please Me' -- I knew I was going to be alright," the rapper said in an Instagram video, pointing to a photo of Quintanilla hanging on the wall. She ended the clip by singing and dancing along to "Como La Flor."


I was so sick yesterday ya don’t even know ! I had such a bad migraine I had to get a doctor backstage to give me two shots and ain’t rehearsed cause I been working all week and ain’t really know what I was getting myself into until I got in the venue .Im OD honored for all the love Houston gave me! I remember the first time I came to Houston I came out here to strip and people showed me maaaaaa love and Houston was the first place me and set when on a date ------The love have really grown .I was maaaaa hype to see this picture before I got in my dressing room cause out of all her outfits there’s a picture hanging on the wall of the outfit I got my inspiration from for Please Me music video.It was like a lucky sign to me .

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Kacey Musgraves, "Como La Flor"
The songstress celebrated Selena’s iconic concert, which took place at the Astrodome exactly 24 years before Musgraves' own performance on Feb. 25, with a cover of "Como La Flor." Her typically country vocals blended nicely with her surprising Spanish skills, delivering a gorgeous melody to a cheering crowd.