Lizzo Responds to Ron Burgundy's 'Jazz Flute Challenge' With a Fiery 'Juice' Performance: Watch

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Back in January, Anchorman's Ron Burgundy challenged Lizzo to a jazz flute challenge, and the rapper has officially unveiled her response.

In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, Lizzo chills with Este Haim at a jazz bar, where she surprised the Haim sister with the fact that she "dabbles" in jazz flute. After somehwat humbly accepting a request to show off her skills onstage, the rapper dove into a flute performance of her recent single, "Juice," complete with bass, background vocals and even fire shooting out of the flute at the end. Safe to say, she won the challenge.

Lizzo recently released the title track to her highly anticipated album Cuz I Love You, out April 19. Watch her clapback to Ron Burgundy's jazz flute challenge below.