Danger Mouse Signees Husky Loops Travel London Via Shopping Carts In 'Let Go for Nothing' Video

Husky Loops
Henry Gill

Husky Loops

Husky Loops' video for new single "Let Go For Nothing," premiering exclusively below, sees the band traversing London in a most unusual way.

The clip shows the genre-blending British trio, and some others, being tooled around London in a shopping cart while shot up-close by director Manuel Vitali -- a primary school friend of frontman Pier Danio Forni while both were living in Bologna, Italy. "Manuel was randomly in London and that day decided to make a new video for us," Forni tells Billboard. "He said, 'I’m a director now. Let's make a video,' and then he just said, 'As soon as I heard the song I imagined all these shopping trollies going around the city, with you on top.' I was like, 'Surely you're joking.' And then we did it." And given the inherent danger of such a concept in the busy streets of London, Forni is still surprised that he, bandmates Pietro Garrone and Tommaso Medica and the random onlookers Vitali convinced to hop in emerged unscathed.

"We almost died a couple of times," Forni recalls. "(Vitali) was literally pushing me in a shopping trolley, in traffic -- the result of 20 years of friendship. It was all improvised on the day. As a band we love improvisation, but when it comes to video and image we try to be very organized. This is the first time doing something completely improvised. (Vitali) was literally walking around the street saying, 'Hey, do you want to jump in this trolley and be filmed?' and all the people said yes. It was kind of funny."

"Let Go For Nothing" will be featured on Husky Loops' debut album Music That Makes the World Better, due out this summer on Danger Mouse's 30th Century Records. The three band members met in London but are all from Bologna, where Forni says they developed their broad tastes for rock, Britpop, hip-hop and trip-hop that inform that tracks on the album. "We've always been listening to lots of different genres," Forni says, "and I think we want to make music that WE want to listen to, and that helps in shaping it as we want. We've never been part of a scene or tried to follow anyone; That just helps in making something that's more unique, maybe. It's literally just trying to please yourself, in a way."

Husky Loops has developed a reputation for energetic live performances in Europe and is preparing for its first visit to the U.S., including shows in New York and Los Angeles and at South By Southwest. "I can't wait, man," Forni says. "I grew up listening to American music. A lot of rappers come from there. I might move there...Maybe. But we can't wait to get over and play."


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