New Kids On The Block Give a Lesson In Boy Band History for 'Boys In the Band' Music Video: Watch

New Kids On The Block - Boys In The Band
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New Kids On The Block, "Boys In The Band"

New Kids On The Block are giving the youth of today a much-needed boy band history lesson in the group's clever new video for "Boys In The Band (Boy Band Anthem)."

The clip opens in a high school classroom taught, funnily enough, by ‘NSync’s Lance Bass. Bass introduces the NKOTB as the day's guest speakers and the band strolls in dressed as the elderly, complete with grey hair and canes. 

Throughout the course of the song, the band touches on various decades in boy band history, starting with the 1970s, and even poke fun at the ‘NSync puppets in the “Bye Bye Bye” video -- much to the disdain of nearby Lance Bass. Naughty By Nature, Debbie Gibson and Bell Biv Devoe of New Edition all make cameos throughout the video.

At the end, they reference a newer boy group craze, One Direction. "And if it is enough/Then why does every generation have another one/And why do all directions only lead to one," they croon. "Before you know there'll be even more to come/You can't get enough."

“Boys In The Band” is one of the three new tracks featured on the upcoming 30th anniversary reissue of NKOTB’s 1988 album, Hangin’ Tough, which drops  Mar. 8. Watch the music video below.