Ariana Grande Over the Moon About Bette Midler & Buzz Aldrin's Support of Her Music

Ariana Grande is over the moon about recent support from two major celebrities, one a legendary Hollywood star and the other a world famous astronaut.

The 25-year-old pop superstar took to Twitter Friday (Feb. 8) to excitedly thank Bette Midler and Buzz Aldrin for their support of her music and artistic integrity.

While on a tear responding to fans' tweets Friday night, Grande discovered that both Midler and Aldrin had recently tagged her in tweets. The exchange with Aldrin, 89, started after the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) tweeted the singer about her song "NASA."

"Hey @ArianaGrande, we saw 'NASA' trending this morning and thought it was about one of our new discoveries. But we realized that you might need some space," the organization wrote.

Soon after, Aldrin -- one of the first people to land on the moon -- replied, writing, "Do you think I'll make it into one of @ArianaGrande songs too!?" Obviously thrilled, Grande responded, "buzz ... u can have a whole album honestly."

Next, Grande discovered a tweet of support from Midler about standing up to Grammy producers over choosing not to perform at this year's awards show. "Wildest applause to Ariana for standing up for herself and refusing to be intimidated by lies," Midler wrote.

On Thursday, Grammys ceremony producer Ken Ehrlich told the Associated Press that he wanted Grande to perform on the Feb. 10 broadcast, but she “felt it was too late to put something together for the show.” But Grande says that is simply not the case.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me,” Grande tweeted Thursday, alongside a screenshot of the article. “I can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken. it was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that i decided not to attend. i hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more."

Grande responded to Midler's kindness by inviting her over for a "lowkey" get-together Sunday night -- the same evening as the Grammy Awards.

"My goodness, i don’t know how i’m just seeing this but hi and thank u. sending a hug. wanna come over sunday night? i’m having a thing.... it’s pretty lowkey," Grande wrote.

See the tweets below.