Lee Fields & the Expressions Wonder 'Will I Get Off Easy' on New Song: Premiere

Lee Fields
Sesse Lind

Lee Fields

Soul man Lee Fields' new album, It Rains Love, comes at an auspicious time -- the 50th anniversary of his career and the 10th anniversary of working with his band, the Expressions. And as demonstrated by the video for the new track "Will I Get Off Easy," premiering exclusively below, the New Jersey-based singer is still making old school sound fresh.

"When you're doing something that you love, time passes by fast -- and I love what I do," the 68-year-old Fields tells Billboard. "I've had a wonderful time. It's been a lifetime where, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything. I'm with the right woman. I've got the right kids. I wouldn't change a thing, man, not one iota. I've had a real good time."

And a good time is what It Rains Love, due out April 5, is all about.

The singer views the 10-song set -- produced by Leon Michels (Beyonce & Jay-Z, Lana Del Ray) -- as a message for these polarized times, but without making politics part of the mix. "It's about how there's so much chaos in the world and people should really appreciate the finer things in life -- the intimate things between a man and a woman," he explains. "That's the basis for why we do everything we do, for relationships. I don't try to write politically. And I'm not a spiritual guy who knows all about the afterlife and all that. The only thing I try to do is write songs that will give some sort of a positive sensation for the moment."

"Will I Get Off Easy," meanwhile, is about navigating a potentially difficult moment -- coming home after "letting off some pressure after a hard day's work" to a spouse who, Fields notes, "might not be able to understand the situation." "So the person is wondering if it's going to be one of those evenings where there's going to be an everlasting confrontation or if maybe they'll get off easy. It's saying, 'come on, give me a kiss, let me get on my pajamas...' Everybody feels that way. Everybody wants to get off easy."

Fields and the Expressions plan to work hard in support of It Rains Love, however. With the album out April 5, his touring gets under way April 12 in Chicago before heading to Europe and then back to the U.S. where he'll play festivals in Delaware and Michigan -- with the Expressions faithfully alongside.

"The Expressions are like my musical songs, man," Fields gushes. "I've always dreamed of this band that would be able to understand and add to the thoughts I've been harboring for all these years. When I met the Expressions it was like the band I was waiting for -- it was like that movie (Field of Dreams) where the guy says, 'If you build it, they will come.' I always know this band would come. It took a long time, but with this band I feel very complete. We're all on the same page, and it's a beautiful thing."