Within Temptation Goes 'Supernova' In Explosive Video: Premiere

Within Temptation, "Supernova"
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Within Temptation, "Supernova"

During its self-imposed four-year hiatus between albums there was some concern about whether Within Temptation would be back. But frontwoman Sharon Den Adel, who began a solo project called My Indigo during 2017, had no doubt about the return -- which has happened with the Dutch group's just-released new album Resist, whose video for "Supernova" is premiering exclusively below.

"My whole adult life I've been in this band," Den Adel tells Billboard. "I did something outside it with My Indigo and enjoyed it very much. But I never thought (Within Temptation) was through. At certain times in your life you want to stand still for a moment and get off the roller coaster and deal with the highs and lows you have along the way. But I never thought I was getting off for good." And, Den Adel adds, pursuing a gentler and more introspective direction with My Indigo was a bonus when Within Temptation began working on Resist.

"My Indigo is a totally different kind of music than Within Temptation makes," Den Adel acknowledges, "but it's what I needed to make at that time. It did help us make Resist; I took certain things from that process and brought it into Within Temptation. It's a different kind of band, but it's something we needed at that point, too."

Those new flavors are evident throughout the sextet's 10-song set, which was produced by Daniel Gibson and features guest appearances by Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix, Anders Friden of In Flames and Arid's Jasper Steverlinck. The group retains its dark hews and heavy-hitting instrumental muscle, but Den Adel's embrace of pop and EDM styles can be detected in the songs' melodies and dynamics, which the singer considers "a step forward" for the group.

"We always try, but I think we succeeded a little bit more with this than with previous albums, to take steps forward more in progression and how the band evolves sound-wise," the singer explains. "You want to sound like it's up to date, more modern in a way. That's what we tried to do, and I think this album achieved that very well -- at least for my tastes."

The "Supernova" video -- which features Within Temptation, in alternating white and dark outfits, performing the song on a barren, post-apocalyptic landscape with a supernova blasting in the sky above -- is designed to illustrate the song's theme. "It's about the fact you're always in battle with yourself and looking to make peace with both of those sides," says Den Adel, who dedicated the song to her late father after his 2018 passing. "You want a big sign from the afterlife, a big bang or something that tells you, 'Yeah, he's OK, he's gonna be fine.' That's something you're always searching for."

Within Temptation begins a North American tour to support Resist on Feb. 28 in Baltimore and hopes to return later in the year, either on its own or as part of a package. And while burnout from the group's last trek, supporting 2014's Hydra, partly led to the hiatus, Den Adel is confident fans will see a refreshed band before them this year.

"That's what some of (Resist's) lyrics are also about," she explains. "It gave us a little bit of new fire in a way. Sometimes you need a change to feel the love again for something. I think at the end of Hydra I felt a little bit lost, and now I really feel fired up again. We're having fun and really looking forward to doing more shows. That's a big difference from how we felt before."