Snoop Dogg & Indie Pop Star Layke Team Up For 'Happier' Cover: Exclusive

Aurelie Davis


Indie and hip-hop link up for a dream collaboration, as Layke and Snoop Dogg take on a cover of Marshmello and Bastille's smash hit, "Happier." 

Snoop raps the second verse, giving it a funky new twist, as Layke boldly belts the chorus. The production gives the tune a more upbeat and hopeful feel than the original, which perfectly lines up with the charitable nature of the collab. All proceeds of the tune will go to charities supporting children in need, including the Snoop Special Stars and Childhelp.

"Snoop was amazing and immediately into the idea because he himself gives so much back to the community and it just kind of evolved into something bigger and it’s become something really really exciting and I think we can do some real good with it!" Layke said of working with the rapper. "I felt like ‘Happier’ was the perfect song because it’s all over the world right now, everybody loves it, and I think there’s a lot of different things you can take away from that song and its meaning. The message of the song does have a somber tone, but we are bringing a different perspective to it and trying to make some happiness in the lives of kids."

Listen to "Happier" below, exclusively on Billboard.