Allan Rayman Explores the Alaskan Wild in 'Rose2' Video: Premiere

Allan Rayman
Steph Verschuren 

Allan Rayman

Back in July 2018, Allan Rayman spent five days in Alaska. He was there to play two shows (one in Anchorage and the other in Healy) but was determined to have a true Alaskan experience. He filmed that excursion for "Rose2," a music video as authentically cool as the singer himself -- though he insists he really isn't that cool. The video premieres today (Jan. 22) on Billboard.

The singer-songwriter also talked with Billboard about escaping to the wilderness and removing all pretense from life and art. 

Why did you decide to film the video for "Rose2" in Alaska?

"Rose" is such a poppy song, but it's got these dark undertones. Pretty much every song I've ever made can be stripped down to guitars and vocals and be a campfire song.

What was it like being in Alaska for the first time with your friends?
We wanted to make as many memories as possible and get some stories from it. When we're shooting, we always try to capture moments. That's how you get those candid shots. We booked glacial cruises, mountain climbing, we camped out in the forest and cooked some food over a fire. We really slowed it down. It's 12 o'clock at night and the sun is out and you're fly fishing and having a beer and it's sunny outside. It's so surreal -- beautiful country up there. I definitely want to go back.

What was the highlight of the day?

[Flying in] the twin four-seater propeller. I'm terrified of flying so that was a moment for me. To get up there and face your fear head on.

You just wrapped up a European tour. How was that experience different for you?

When I'm not doing anything with music I can't even find that energy. It just shows up when I need it to, and then it goes away. It'd be nice to have it if I went to a bar and I was talking to a girl, but it's never there. It is a very different type of lifestyle that I don't think I was ever supposed to be living. I'm a homebody. I like simple and quiet things, so it is very strange to be doing this kind of stuff. But I'm developing thicker skin for it. I think I've just become more aware of what it means to be an artist at all. I'll just keep making songs that I want to listen to and keep making shows that I wish I could've seen when I was a kid.

Rayman also dropped a new line of Alaska merch to accompany the video on


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