Alec Baldwin's Trump Ends Government Shutdown for a Hamburger in 'SNL' Cold Open

Will Heath/NBC
Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump during the "Deal or No Deal Cold Open" sketch on Saturday Night Live on Jan. 19, 2019.

In its cold open, Saturday Night Live took on the government shutdown with a parody of Deal Or No Deal featuring Alec Baldwin as President Trump seeking a new deal for the border security budget. Kenan Thompson played Steve Harvey, replacing Howie Mandel as host.

“We decided to do this in the only format you can understand: a television game show where women hold briefcases,” Thompson’s Harvey said.

Baldwin’s Trump selected the briefcase held by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, played by Kate McKinnon. When Thompson’s Harvey asked how she was, she replied: “Just normal, nothing like drunk on my own power or anything.” Her deal was for $1 million for border security and that Trump had to call her mommy.  

Chuck Schumer, played by Alex Moffat, first offered whatever Trump wanted to end the shutdown, but McKinnon’s Pelosi reminded him to stay strong. He switched his offer to $15 and a pastrami on rye.

The game show was sponsored by green beef: “It shouldn’t be green, but the FDA wasn’t around to inspect it.”

Beck Bennett appeared as Mitch McConnell, who was doing the Bird Box challenge at one point. Melissa VillaseƱor played Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Leslie Jones appeared as Maxine Waters. Ego Nwodim played rapper Cardi B, who recently posted a video about the government shutdown.

At the end of the cold open, Pete Davison played a Clemson student who had a White Castle Crave Case instead of a briefcase, leading to a joke about the president’s recent tweet in which he spelled hamburgers as “hamberders.” Baldwin’s Trump decided to end the shutdown in exchange for a single hamburger.

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.