Rainbow Girls Ponder the Future In 'Can We Keep This Love Alive' Video: Premiere

Rainbow Girls
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Rainbow Girls

The Rainbow Girls unveil a secret part of their lives in the video for "Can We Keep This Love Alive," premiering exclusively below.

The clip recreates a "secret music festival" the trio holds each spring at its home just north of San Francisco. "The song is about can we keep this love alive -- personal, intimate relationships and then broadening it to family and a larger community," the group's Erin Chapin tells Billboard. It was inspired, she adds, by her own trip to a festival with some friends and a melancholy feeling that "we won't be doing this at some point in time. We'll grow old and grow apart." But an older couple in a tent next to hers who "started having a really good time" convinced Chapin otherwise.

"I was like, 'Oh, we CAN keep doing this. We can keep this family/community alive and growing,'" she recalls. "It was a moment of hope and gratitude and excitement and really put everything in perspective."

The "Can We Keep This Love Alive" video, then, recreates that feeling via the Rainbow Girls' own festival during a July reprise. "We were like, 'We have one day off this summer. Why don't we throw a party again and do the same thing?'" Chapin says. "We put out the call and everybody showed up. We just took snippets of all that magic for the video."

"Can We Keep This Love Alive" hails from the Rainbow Girls' latest album, American Dream, which came out in Nov. 2017. The group's next project is a covers album it's already recorded and plans to release during early 2019, featuring songs by Bob Dylan, John Prine, Dave Rawlings, Alvin Robinson, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and others. The group has also started recording its next set of original material, though it's still coming up with songs for that according to Chapin.

"All three of us write songs all the time," she says. "This one is still going to be the acoustic, sort of raw feeling but there will be a couple more layers to it. It will be kind of like a fusion between what we started doing as the full band and what we have been doing as the acoustic-folkier thing. I'm excited."