Twenty One Pilots Unveil Immersive 'Bandito' Video With Spotify: Watch

Twenty One Pilots
Brad Heaton  

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots released their metaphorical fourth studio album, Trench, in October, which features its eerie track "Bandito." 

The alt-rock duo teamed up with Spotify for a new immersive video inspired by their metaphorical city of Dema and the surrounding valley known as “Trench.” The unearthly video, set to the tune of "Bandito," drops fans via a microsite on an exploration through Trench, where they aim to find their freedom. 

"I could take the high road/But I know that I'm going low/I'm a ban, I'm a bandito," the chorus chants as the video swerves through dark hallways and alleys, to a mob of faceless people, through an open valley and foggy trenches. Ultimately, the pilgrimage ends in a sea of yellow light and rose petals. Fans are encouraged to find hidden symbols throughout their travels to uncover their meanings.

Experience the journey here.