Lindsey Buckingham Settles Lawsuit With Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham
Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Lindsey Buckingham performs on stage at Humphrey's on Oct. 19, 2017 in San Diego.

Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac went their own way, and matters turned legal. Now, the legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist has settled a civil lawsuit launched against his former bandmates after he was cut from a run of concerts in North America, a move he said cost him millions in lost earnings.

On the weekend, Buckingham gave his first television interview since he was replaced in the touring band by Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of Split Enz and Crowded House. Though he did not disclose terms of the settlement agreement, Buckingham noted, "We've all signed off on something." He added, “I’m happy enough with it.”

Also during the interview with CBS News' Anthony Mason, Buckingham confirmed the obvious: there’s little chance he’ll reunite with his bandmates. "I'm pretty much figuring that I won't," Buckingham revealed.

Buckingham launched his suit in October, claiming the band sacked him without just cause, and naming Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie and John McVie. In it, he claimed he was informed just five days after their performance at the 2018 MusiCares event in January that the group would hit the road without him. 

With Buckingham dumped from the North American touring party, he claimed he missed out on earnings upwards of $14 million. The widely-told story had it that Buckingham's departure from the Hall of Fame act was down to his refusal to tour this year and instead focus on his solo career, though his suit refuted this.

The band disputed the allegations and a spokesperson responded in October, “Fleetwood Mac looks forward to their day in court.”

Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 with Nicks and contributed to the group's most popular recordings until he left in 1987 to pursue a solo career. He rejoined the group in 1997 and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the band the following year.