Kathleen Releases Hauntingly Beautiful Debut Single 'August'

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LA-based singer-songwriter Kathleen released her debut single “August” on Friday (Dec. 7) from a project that’s been years in the making. Originally from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Kathleen moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career after she graduated from the University of Colorado.

The song's poetic lyrics come to life through her enchanting melodies and sultry voice. The young singer's impressive range is complemented by unique lyrics with minimal instrumentation. “August” swirls listeners through a haunting dream that recounts the pain of losing a past lover. The powerful build to the final chorus vibrates with raw emotion, as Kathleen sings the heartbreaking lyrics: “That’s not what I was told when/ I learned how to love you/ ‘Cause I was never taught that/ Perfect love could end.”

“August was written from the place of feeling two conflicting emotions simultaneously, like separating a magnet north from south, or trying to walk left and right at the same time," Kathleen says of the song. "I met someone and felt a beautiful beginning and a hard end all at once, and this song fell out of it.”

Kathleen’s creative talents go beyond just her captivating lyrics. The multi-instrumentalist expertly plays both the guitar and piano and captures the beauty of her music by creating her own visuals. She acts as the creative director for all her album artwork, which she produces herself.

Although listeners will have to wait for the full EP release next year, they should eagerly anticipate the upcoming record. Kathleen showcases her unmatched diverse range and sounds on the six-track EP. Her smooth vocals toy with enchanting harmonies, energetic ballads and anthems and her classic stripped-down acoustic tones. This EP features an impressive roster of producers, including Ariel Rechtshaid (Adele, HAIM, Vampire Weekend, Troye Sivan), Noah Conrad (Sasha Sloan, Kiiara) Daniel Nigro (Empress Of, Zella Day, Conan Gray, Ashe) and Jim-E Stack (Empress Of, Kacy Hill).

You can follow her journey on Instagram and stream the new single below. Stay tuned for the release of her full EP and another teaser track in the coming months.