Vevo DSCVR Continues 2019 Artists To Watch Series With Matt Hunter & Greeicy: Exclusive

Matt Hunter
Courtesy of VEVO

Matt Hunter

On Tuesday (Dec. 4), Vevo DSCVR focuses on the meteoric rise of Latin Pop on mainstream airwaves in the United States and abroad with its latest two 2019 Artists To Watch selections, Matt Hunter and Greeicy. 

Matt Hunter is a young singer whose voice may sound eerily familiar to listeners of a certain age. Originally the voice of the titular character on the popular children's program Go, Diego, Go!, Hunter developed his vocal abilities into a full-fledged singing career and built a following performing covers and original songs in Spanish on YouTube. With a string of singles rolled out on a consistent basis from as far back as 2012, Hunter continues to push himself into increasingly mature territory. On his latest single "Dicen" with singer Lele Pons, Hunter proves himself equally prepared for balladry and pop. 

In a prepared statement, Vevo director of music and talent David McTiernan tells Billboard, "We expect big things in 2019 from Matt Hunter -- he’s definitely laid the groundwork over the last couple years, but the music he’s making now sounds like it could propel him to become one of the most exciting young voices in Latin Pop.” 

Check out Hunter perform "Dicen" on Vevo DSCVR below.

Greeicy may be a household name in her native Colombia, but it's time for the rest of the world to catch up. The singer got her start on the children's talent show Factor Xs, and despite not winning the competition, Greeicy converted the opportunity into a successful acting career. Though she remained engaged in the music industry between booking roles, Greeicy appears to have chosen 2018 to return full-time with an outpouring of new music, including a single with Brazilian superstar Anitta.

"Greeicy has been perfecting her craft working across music and film and we’ve definitely taken notice," McTiernan says. "Already a superstar in her home country of Colombia, she is truly on the verge of becoming a global superstar."

Watch Greeicy perform "Ya Para Qué" on Vevo DSCVR below.