Vevo Taps Belgian Singer Angèle For Latest 2019 DSCVR Artists To Watch Performance: Exclusive

Courtesy of VEVO


The 2019 Vevo DSCVR Artists To Watch program continues on Thursday (Nov. 29) with one its most unique selections in the series' run, French-speaking Belgian pop singer Angèle.

Though she shares the musical creative gene with her brother, the Belgian-based hip-hop artist Roméo Elvis, Angèle offers a completely different sound and perspective with mature and honest lyrics revolving around youth and femininity over light, dream pop productions. Her debut album Brol, released in October, showcases an artist that could add heavy subjects and substance to inviting pop tunes as the singer evokes a soulful, R&B swagger. 

In a prepared statement, Vevo E.U. Vice President of Content and Programming Claudia de Wolff tells Billboard, “At only 22, Angèle undoubtedly stands out... In 2017, she featured on a hugely successful DSCVR session with her brother Roméo Elvis, and it feels like 2019 is going to be the year for her to really carve out a name for herself.”

Check out Angèle perform the opening track "La Thune" from Brol below.