John Lennon's Protest Anthem 'Gimme Some Truth' Gets an 'Ultimate Mix' Lyric Video for Election Day: Watch

John Lennon
Michael Putland/Getty Images

John Lennon being interviewed by journalist Steve Turner of Beat Instrumental magazine, Apple Records, London on July 19, 1971. 

Americans are heading to the polls Tuesday (Nov. 6) for the midterm elections, and in correspondence, a new lyric video for the ‘Ultimate Mix’ of John Lennon‘s still-relevant protest anthem "Gimme Some Truth" is out.

Although the tune was released back in 1971, the lyrics still ring true today given the political turmoil. "I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight short-sighted narrow-minded hypocritics/All I want is the truth, just give me some truth," the legendary Beatle demands.

“It’s about politicians, newspaper men and all the hypocrites of the world – and male chauvinists, it’s about them too," Lennon said of the track’s lyrics at the time. "Gimme Some Truth" was originally released on his famous album Imagine, which was recently remixed and released as a 2CD deluxe edition, 1 CD, 2 LP and as a six-disc super deluxe box set titled Imagine - The Ultimate Collection.

Watch the new lyric video below.