Ariana Grande Gushes Over Her Fans' #SelfiesForAriana: 'I Love Seein Your Beautiful Faces'

Ariana Grande
GC Images/GC Images

Ariana Grande photographed on March 10, 2018 in Los Angeles.

Back in March, Ariana Grande started a self-love movement inspired by frustration over fans cropping themselves out of photos with her. She posted about it on her Instagram story, which inspired countless fans to post photos of themselves using the hashtag #SelfiesForAriana.

It seems the hashtag is back, in a time where Ari is suffering from heightened anxiety. The songstress tweeted out a thanks to her fans for loving themselves, writing, "all this self love on my tl got me smilin. i love seein your beautiful faces."

Earlier in the day she posted a sassy and confident message that fans speculated were lyrics from her upcoming album: "got so much love..... got so much patience..... i’ve learnt from the pain .... and turnt out amazin.... say i’ve loved and i’ve lost..... but that’s not what i see cause look what i got.... look what u taught me."

See below.