Tom Paxton & the DonJuans Get Animated About Climate Change in New Video: Watch

Don Henry, Tom Paxton and Jon Vezner
Alan Messer

Don Henry, Tom Paxton and Jon Vezner

Ahead of the midterm elections, Tom Paxton and the DonJuans have premiered an animated satirical video for the song “What’s So Bad About That?,” targeting those who deny climate change.

In recent years, Paxton has been recording and touring with with the DonJuans, aka Grammy-winning singer/songwriters Don Henry and Jon Vezner. During their concerts, which feature Paxton’s songs of love, outrage and humor, “What’s So Bad About That?” composed by the threesome, has become a favorite new staple.

“The climes they are a changing,” says an animated Paxton in a spoken introduction to the video, over a plinking ukulele, satirically labeling environmentalists as “a bunch of Chicken Littles” espousing “left-wing science lies.”

The whimsical clip, created by Alvaro Ortega, transports the musicians through landscapes around the globe as sea levels rise, as the trio sing over a jaunty arrangement:  “What’s so bad about a beach in Boulder/ Never have to worry about December getting colder…a little thicker sunscreen, a little wider hat/ What’s so bad about that?”

The video then breaks into an interlude of “Let The Good Times Roll” against images of melting ice caps, swirling hurricanes, parched landscapes and belching smokestacks.

Taking dead aim at those who deny the science of climate change, the trio sarcastically sings: “When you know you’re right, why worry about the facts?”

Paxton, one of the most important figures in American songwriting and the folk music tradition, is known for such classics as “Ramblin’ Boy” and “The Last Thing On My Mind.” He is also no newcomer to environmental protest music; in 1970, for the first Earth Day, Paxton penned “Whose Garden Was This,” later popularized by John Denver. 

Watch the video for “What’s So Bad About That?” below.