Flint Eastwood Looks at the Demise of a Relationship With 'Fire' Video ft. Sam Austins: Premiere

Flint Eastwood

Flint Eastwood

Flint Eastwood's just-released EP This is a Coping Mechanism For a Broken Heart is exactly that, songs inspired in the aftermath of Jax Anderson's recent romantic breakup. And she hopes the series of videos coming from the EP -- starting with "Fire," premiering exclusively below -- will visually represent the feelings she explores across the six-song set.

"I think with 'Fire,' especially, it's about the time of a relationship when you start questioning everything," Anderson tells Billboard, "that moment of literally, fire. For a while, both knew things were fizzling out, so it's about that moment of knowing things were going to be over soon, but not sure when." Directed by Anderson, the video depicts her singing in a bleakly lit empty space -- a room at Detroit's Assemble Sound, where she recorded Coping Mechanism -- joined by rapper Sam Austins, another Assemble artist who guests on the track.

"I wanted to do in in the space I recorded it," Anderson says. "I wanted an open, vacant space. The death of any relationship, whether romantic or not, feels very open and bleak, very open and very ostracizing. I wanted to convey that and I also wanted to convey the intensity I was feeling in the whole process." The EP, in fact, was written in a 48-hour binge shortly after what Anderson calls "the first time I ever experienced a real, major breakup" ending a four-year relationship. "It was a very raw time, and I wanted to represent it that way. For this (video) in particular I wanted it to feel intimate but also feel open and more in your face, not off-putting, but I wanted to convey the intensity I was feeling in the whole process."

Eastwood has already directed two other videos for Coping Mechanism, which was produced by her brother Seth "Sybling" Anderson, and has plans to get the other three in motion soon. The EP also features a number of other collaborators from the Assemble Sound universe, including Shortly, Sienna Liggins and Jay Prime, and Anderson says she didn't mind having these other artists become part of her very personal expression.

"My rule for my sessions is I have an open-door policy -- any artist can come in and write with me," Anderson explains. "I tend to get very vulnerable during my sessions; People know when they step in it's going to be something raw and honest. So people came in and out and laid down stuff. It just happened in the moment and happened in a way that felt very organic and very natural. It just felt right to have people around me that tend to support me during rough times. It made sense to have them."

Anderson -- who's on good terms with her ex, who has heard the EP -- will take Flint Eastwood on the road during November and December, and she's already started work on another project. "I'm going into 2019 with an optimistic view of a lot more music, a lot more touring, and I'm excited for it," she says. "This specific project felt like a moment in time that needed to be documented and I needed to address. I've always released something when I feel like I had something to say, and that (breakup) was my biggest experience of the last year. This is just a step in my journey. With any release I try to make it as real and honest as possible and as authentic as possible."