Unscripted Netflix Music Series 'Westside' Unveils First Music Videos for 'We Are the Ones' & 'Vibe': Exclusive

Greg Gayne/Netflix

The cast of Westside.

Take a first look at "Westside" before it premieres Nov. 9.

Netflix and Warner Bros. Records are just weeks away from unveiling the streaming service's first-ever unscripted music series, and Billboard has the exclusive on the first two music videos from Westside.

The videos for "We Are the Ones" and "Vibe" take place in two very different settings -- with the former embodying a nostalgic kickback, complete with home videos, and the latter depicting a tropical bash, displaying the range of music that will be represented throughout the eight-episode series. Westside will dive into the journeys of nine young Los Angeles-based musicians immersed in all genres of music. Each episode will feature original songs and spotlight the artists' creative processes and inner-conflicts as they prepare an ensemble performance for a potential showcase at a nightclub.

Westside was a chance to tell the authentic story of nine artists trying to make it in the music industry," executive producers Kevin Bartel and Michael Flutie tell Billboard in a statement. "By turning the television music genre on its head by creating original music based on their real lives, we were able to attract the best and brightest music writers, producers and video directors who were creatively excited by how different our project was."

Some of those "best and brightest" talents include "We Are the Ones" video director Joseph Toman (Phillip Phillips' "Home," Usher's "No Limit") and "Vibe" director Hannah Lux Davis (Ariana Grande's "Side to Side" and "Into You," Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer" and "Sorry Not Sorry"). The "We Are the Ones" video stars the entire Westside cast -- including American Idol standout Pia Toscano -- while "Vibe" is a showcase for just three castmembers: Taz Zavala, Leo Gallo and Arika Gluck.

"'We Are the Ones' was interesting, as it is the first time you’re introduced to the concept of the songs and music videos in the show and reveal the cast outside of the show format," Toman tells Billboard. "We open with their own personal home footage almost as a footnote for what’s to come; it’s founded in something genuine. And these artists are genuine."

In addition to "We Are the Ones," Toman helmed two other videos for the series, which includes 19 music videos total over the show's eight episodes. "Filming all 19 videos over the course of just two weeks was nearly impossible, and often we had several shoots going at the same time," says Melinda Kelly, series producer -- music videos. "The resulting 19 videos are seamlessly interwoven into the cast storylines, and I’m confident that when people see Westside, they will be in awe of the raw musical talent of these nine young artists."

Watch the "We Are the Ones" and "Vibe" music videos below, and check out Westside when it premieres Nov. 9 on Netflix.