Evangelia & Sleeping Lion Face the Past on 'Windowseat': Premiere

Evangelia & Sleeping Lion Co
Ariff Danial

Evangelia & Sleeping Lion Co

New York singer Evangelia's team-up with the Los Angeles electronic duo Sleeping Lion on the new single "Windowseat," premiering exclusive below, was a collaboration of kindred spirits in different places.

The song comes out Oct. 25 and came about by chance. Sleeping Lions' Nate Flaks, who followed Evangelia on Instagram, heard "Hello Again," her song with actor Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why) last fall and was moved to reach out to her about a possible collaboration. The two wound up meeting where Flaks was staying in suburban New York, working on a song on his grandmother's piano, which he learned to play as a youngster.

"I was already a fan of their music," Evangelia tells Billboard. "We played each other some songs we already had, and one of mine happened to be in a waltz style. We decided to start from there and write a song that had a little bit of that waltz feel." The two then sent their embryonic piece to Flaks' Sleeping Lion partner Noah Longworth McGuire, who was in Boston at the time. "He sent us back a produced demo, and he was singing on it," says Evangelia. "We were like, 'Wait a minute -- he sounds good!' We should edit these lyrics a little and turn it into a duet and do this together, 'cause we all get along and it sounds great.'"

"Windowseat" became a cross-country affair, with the trio recording the track's vocals in Boston, then finishing the track in Los Angeles, where Sleeping Lion is now based. "'Windowseat' is about the disquieting feeling of returning home and facing the uncomfortable familiarities that come with it," Flaks says. "That's the argument at the center of the duet. It's easy to say you're not looking back but a lot harder when confronted by people you used to really care about."

The trio is now "talking about" a video for the song, according to Flaks, while each is holding its own release show for "Windowseat" -- Sleeping Lion on Oct. 26 at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, Evangelia on Nov. 1 at Bowery Electric in New York. "It'll be a bi-coastal celebration," Flaks notes. "We've been working on this for about a year with emails and text messages and everything. So It's crazy to have it finally coming out." And all three voice a desire to work together again.

"Because we're on different coasts we only see each other intermittently, but even the last time we did we were talking about writing and whatnot," says Flaks. "Whether it'll be the same kind of collaboration or anything like ('Windowseat') we can't really say. But I really loved working with (Evangelia), and her voice is amazing." To which Evangelia adds, "I love working with them, too. I'm definitely doing an L.A. trip in the next few months to write with a bunch of people out there, and Sleeping Lion is at the top of my list. There'll definitely be more creative collaborations, for sure."

In the meantime, Evangelia is planning to release "a few more singles" to follow "Windowseat" before turning her attention to a full-length album. "I'm trying to figure out my sound right now," she says. "Maybe down the line I'll do a cohesive album, but for now I'm just dropping singles." Sleeping Lion, meanwhile, is hunkered down in Echo Park and is also working on new material -- primarily for itself -- as well as playing some additional shows.


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