'The Voice' Recap: Battle Round Continues With Two More Steals

Keith Urban and Blake Shelton
Trae Patton/NBC

Keith Urban and Blake Shelton

Season 15’s Battle Round continued on The Voice tonight, with artists from the teams of Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton advancing to the Knockouts, getting stolen, or going home. This round, coaches have two steals. They worked with celebrity mentors Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Halsey and CeeLo Green.

The first battle came from Keith Paluso and Dave Fenley of Team Blake. They sang “I’m A One Woman Man” by George Jones, a song Shelton thought would play well with their gritty voices. Urban praised both of their stage presences but encouraged them to bring more attitude to their singing.

Starting with a strong acapella intro, the two artists gave an entertaining opening performance for the night. They showcased their range and performance skills, but Fenley came off as more experienced. Clarkson was blown away by their old-school, classic sound. Shelton went with Fenley as the winner, but Levine stole Paluso.

Team Adam’s Regan Strange and Emily Hough were up next, singing Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph.” The young artists blended well together in rehearsal, and Levine encouraged them to really dig into the emotions of the lyrics.

In their final performance, Strange and Hough were dynamic and captivating, and their harmonies sounded particularly strong. They had a very lovely sound together. Levine chose Strange as the winner, and Hough went home.

Next up, Team Jennifer’s Matt Johnson and Franc West faced off with a battle of “Too Close” by Alex Clare. The two artists had very different sounds, but Hudson was determined to find the stronger vocalist.

It felt like the two men were giving completely different performances, so it didn’t come off as a duet. But they both sounded strong on the lower parts of the song. Hudson went with West, and Johnson was eliminated.

Delaney Silvernell and Abby Cates from Team Kelly gave a performance of “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding, a song Clarkson said she wished she had written. Rhett thought they were vocally an even match.

In their final performance, Silvernell came off as more experienced, but Cates showed a lot of potential as a well-rounded singer. They were indeed pretty evenly matched, and a steal seemed inevitable. Sure enough, while Clarkson chose to keep on Cates, Levine snatched up Silvernell.

In battles that were not fully aired, Team Adam’s Radha bested Foushee, Team Kelly’s Chevel Shepherd bested Mikele Buck, and Team Jennifer’s Makenzie Thomas bested Audri Bartholomew.

Team Adam’s Jake Wells and Natalie Brady next sang “Closing Time” by Semisonic. It was an odd song choice, but the arrangement suited both singers.

Of all the night’s battles, Wells and Brady worked together the best, delivering chemistry and really solid harmonies. They didn’t upstage each other, but they still found ways to showcase their individual strengths. Levine chose Wells as the winner, and Brady went home.

Closing out the night, Team Kelly’s Tyshawn Colquitt and Zaxai sang “Love Lies” by Khalid and Normani. Halsey worked with them on their pitch and phrasing.

In their final performance, these artists also delivered on the harmony front. Colquitt showcased his gorgeous falsetto, and Zaxai had impressive range and a warm tone. They played off each other well, and Hudson struggled with her decision but ultimately picked Colquitt. Clarkson swooped in to steal Zaxai.

Season 15 of The Voice continues tomorrow night on NBC.

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