Get to Know 'Be Alright' Singer-Songwriter Dean Lewis: Watch

Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis sat down with Billboard to share some interesting facts about himself, including who he would want to play him in a movie, which artist he would love to work with one day and more.

Lewis tells Billboard that his first-ever job was delivering newspapers when he was 14 years old, and that his biggest guilty pleasures are drinking Coke and playing video games.

If someone were to portray him in a movie, the musician shares that he would like it to be Bradley Cooper because, after watching him in A Star Is Born opposite Lady Gaga, he considers him to be an “incredible” actor and also thinks that he has great hair.

The “Be Alright” singer also reveals that his favorite album of all time is Definitely Maybe by Oasis, and that if he could collaborate with any artist, he would choose Noel Gallagher, even though he would tell him "to get a haircut and write better songs.”

“I'm a big fan of his, obsessed with his songs,” Lewis confesses. “And he, in a way, taught me how to write songs. Because I'd spent five years just Googling him on YouTube, and watching every Oasis B-side and acoustic version.”

Lewis also opens up about the inspiration behind his song “Be Alright,” explaining, “It was about a bunch of relationships…it's a combination of things that happened to me, and some crazy stories that friends had told me.”

You can watch the full "You Should Know" video interview above to hear more from Dean Lewis, including what the first song he ever wrote was and how his music making process has changed over time.