From Post Malone to U2, Here Are 10 Times Musicians Went Undercover to Surprise Fans

Post Malone
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Post Malone

Post Malone recently went undercover in a record store to surprise fans as part of a new partnership with Omaze, in which he plans to give away a free Bentley and a Los Angeles trip to one lucky winner.    

Though many of the customers didn't recognize the rapper despite his tattoos, a few did and were excited to say the least.    

Posty isn't the first major celeb to go incognito. From Demi Lovato posing as a Lyft driver to Maroon 5's secret NYC subway performance, see below for 10 times today's biggest artists looked just like everyone else.

1. Justin Bieber
Okay, so Bieber wasn't technically in disguise while cruising around in a Lyft surprising fans. However, every customer was thrilled to spend time with the superstar on the way to their destinations.

2. DJ Khaled
The Big Apple wasn't fooled by Khaled's Lyft driver disguise of a simple hat and sunglasses. He did manage to trick one customer, who unknowingly called the producer "a bit much" and "real dramatic."

3. Maroon 5
Adam Levine and James Valentine of the popular band joined Jimmy Fallon in the subway station below Rockefeller Center, dressed in fake facial hair and hats. After garnering a sizable crowd during their "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" cover, the big reveal led to cheers among the NYC crowd. 

4. Demi Lovato
While driving Lyft in Denver, Colorado, Lovato told fans that she is an aspiring singer who is "touring with her ex-boyfriend's brother," also known as Nick Jonas. 

5. U2
The iconic band and Jimmy Fallon rocked Grand Central station, shouting at commuters to spare some change. Bono belted "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," before revealing his true identity.

The downtown Los Angeles undercover Lyft was very successful for Joe Jonas, who many times wasn't wearing a disguise at all. One passenger noted his likeness to the Jonas Brother, and Jonas even packed the rest of DNCE into the car. 

7. Miley Cyrus
Cyrus was instantly recognized in the NYC subway with Fallon, singing her well-known rendition of "Jolene." 

8. Chance the Rapper
Chance drove around Chicago with Lyft, where he stopped to take selfies with excited fans who unknowingly all cited him as one of their favorite rappers.

9. Bon Jovi
The superstar teamed up with Omaze to crash a karaoke party mid-"Living on a Prayer."

10. Christina Aguilera
The pop star's powerhouse vocals gave way to dropped jaws across the subway station, with Fallon providing quality background vocals. Fans soon realized that a voice like that could only belong to someone like Aguilera.