Paul McCartney Combines Three Stories for Final 'Come On to Me' Music Video: Watch

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Paul McCartney, "Come On To Me"

The music video for "Come On to Me," from Paul McCartney's latest album, Egypt Station, is a mash-up of three videos released earlier this month, each featuring a different person dancing to the song.

In Fred "Little Freddie" Maxwell's video, Maxwell hacks the in-store sound system at the department store where he works as a security guard; in Ali Almohri's video, Almohri works at his family's food truck hoping to attract the attention of a crush; and in Elsa Morales' video, Morales is a cleaning lady dancing through an office building after the employees have gone home.

"Come On to Me" marks the acting debuts of the three, who were discovered by director TG Herrington.

McCartney invites fans to join Maxwell, Almohri and Morales in filming themselves dancing to "Come On to Me." Fans can post videos to Instagram and Twitter using the #COTMChallenge.

Watch the official video here.