Late-Night Hosts Call Out Trump for Lackluster Response to Elizabeth Warren's DNA Results

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Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is fighting back against President Donald Trump — who has long derided her as “Pocahontas” — by releasing her DNA test results and late-night hosts were celebrating the newest installment of the long-running feud during their Monday night shows. 

After Trump has been vocal about his skepticism of Warren being of Native American heritage, Warren decided to end the debacle by releasing the results of a DNA test that she affirms provide proof of her ancestry. In her document,  it is stated that there is “strong evidence” that Warren has Native American pedigree “6-10 generations ago.”

When queried about Warren releasing the results, Trump told reporters, “Who cares,” something Stephen Colbert found hypocritical.  

“You care! You’re literally the only person who cares,” The Late Show host proclaimed.     

Colbert then reminded his audience of Trump’s former promise that he would donate $1 million to charity if Warren proved that she was in fact Native American. After the president was asked about his previous statement by reporters, he argued that he “didn’t say that” and urged the media to “read it again.” 

“Oh, we don’t have to read it. Luckily enough we’re going to have someone read it for us,” Colbert mocked, proceeding to show the broadcast from Trump’s rally in which he mentioned the challenge to Warren. Though he claimed that Warren would “say no” to taking a DNA test, Colbert quipped, “Well Mr. President, she didn’t say no. She said yes. But rumor has it, you don’t know the difference.” 

Over at The Daily Show, Trevor Noah couldn't fathom why Trump would claim he doesn't care when Warren's DNA results are something he's been "obsessed about for years." 

“Trump can’t say he suddenly doesn’t care. Who cares? You care! This is the thing you’ve been obsessed about for years. This is total bullshit. It’s like Kool-Aid man saying, ‘I don’t actually care about Kool-Aid," Noah argued. 

Despite Trump failing to live up to his promise of donating $1 million to charity, Noah said the feud was rather telling of Warren's heritage. 

"So, basically this white man made a promise to Sen. Warren and then went back on what he said. So I guess, she really is Native American after all," Noah said.

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