Post Malone Talks Dream Collaborations, Friendship With Justin Bieber & Tattoos

During his joint cover shoot with Dua Lipa and Ella Mai, Post Malone sat down with Billboard to discuss which artists he would love to collaborate with, his friendship with Justin Bieber and his tattoos.

Speaking of why he enjoys collaborating with different artists on his music, Malone tells Billboard, “I like collaborating because sometimes it’s difficult to step out of your comfort zone and make something that you wouldn’t usually make.”

“I just think working with another artist brings a whole different perspective…[and] a whole new group of ideas,” he continues, “And it kind of makes you better as an artist for having worked with talented people.”

Posed with the question of which artists he would like to hit the studio with, the rapper notes that Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes is on his wish list because he is “a great writer.” He also reveals that he would love to join forces with Young Thug, Future, Kanye West, and Tim McGraw.

“There’s a lot of talented people out there,” he adds, “And it’s too many to name that I think we would make a beautiful, beautiful song.”

Malone is also asked if he’s ever thought about making a collaborative album with Justin Bieber, to which he replies, “Fuck yeah!”

“Honestly, he’s such a good dude and has such a sweet heart,” Malone shares. “I remember whenever we met, I was working on Stoney, he came to the studio and I started playing him shit and that’s how ‘Déjà Vu’ happened. But I remember the first night, we just drank a shitload of cold ones and I was like, ‘What a good guy. This guy can get down on a couple brewskis.’ Sweet, sweet, sweet guy. He gets my jokes...he’s an awesome dude.”

In the interview, Malone is also asked if there are any more tattoos he would like to get, divulging that there is still some ink that he is considering that his mom would kill him for, adding, “Well, she already wants to, but it’s too late. I figured I got a face for radio, so it doesn’t matter much, huh? I’ll be the prisoner in the movies.”

You can watch the full video interview with Post Malone above, and take a look at his Billboard cover shoot below.

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