Lady Gaga's Music Video Evolution, From 'Just Dance' to 'Joanne': Watch

Since her 2008 breakout hit "Just Dance," Lady Gaga has been a visionary. From her daring outfits to her exploration of various genres, she always keeps us guessing what she’s going to do next. Her videos are no exception -- the visuals are always theatrical and fashionable, like Gaga herself.

Gaga’s first album, 2008’s The Fame, had a few chart-topping singles with videos to match. "Just Dance," "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" and "Poker Face" were dance-filled parties with studs and exaggerated shoulder pads galore. She followed those up with more videos for The Fame including "Paparazzi," a critique of fame that starred Alexander Skarsgard and made black lipstick cool.

Her videos continuously bring drama, glamour and a star-studded cast of special guests. Gaga and Beyoncé -- a winning pair-- first collaborated for Bey’s "Video Phone" and they followed up their Thelma and Louise affair with Gaga’s "Telephone." Late saxophonist Clarence Clemons can be seen hanging on the stoop with Gaga in the leather-clad "Edge of Glory." For years, she’s collaborated with legend Tony Bennett -- and their live sessions show a natural connection that makes them the perfect duo. 

The 32-year-old, who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday (March 28), has shown that she can pull off any look, and her ventures into jazz, pop and country exemplify her raw talent. Check out her music video evolution above for a trove of inspiration.