Avonlea Is Heartbroken 'Again' in Moody New Video: Exclusive

Sarah Bahbah


Avonlea has debuted a stunning visual for her sultry song “Again,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Oct. 9).

"Again" details the feeling of being stuck in a repeatedly hurtful relationship. Edgar Esteves directs the captivating video, bringing viewers an emotional and heartbreaking depiction of Avonlea’s intense message. After being hurt once again by her partner, the young singer takes to a canvas to smear her emotions across it with black paint. This main scene is intercut with various moments from their relationship; some beautiful memories and other not-so-happy times. By the end of the video, we see that she has created what appears to be black wings, perhaps implying that she will free herself of this pain and end the destructive relationship.

Avonlea describes the track as “a song about self-sabotaging for comfort," and returning over and over to a bad relationship as a familiar vice. "I feel like the video captures that at a more extreme level," she tells Billboard.

Avonlea is an up-and-coming producer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who started producing music at the age of 12. Now at only 18 years old, she has opened for Jhene Aiko, collaborated with producer Oshi for “Whipsers," and has released three singles from her upcoming project 10 2 17. The singer's unapologetically candid music details the various stages of her adolescence and serves as an expression of a raw coming of age story.

Get a first look at the video for "Again" below.