T.I. Breaks Down Unjust Labor in Privatized Prisons in Defense of Kanye West's 13th Amendment Tweet: Watch

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T.I. during an interview at Music Choice.

On Sunday, Kanye West sent the Twittersphere into a spiral with a controversial tweet claiming that the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery in 1865, should be terminated. He noted that the amendment is "slavery in disguise meaning it never ended." While many were quick to call him out and deem him unstable, one person who understands his point of view is fellow rapper T.I.   

In a new clip from Music Choice, T.I. explains how the privatized prison system treats incarcerated citizens unjustly to provide cheap labor to big corporations. "They have these mandatory minimums and they throw you in prison for tens and tens and tens of years and then you find out that the 13th amendment says that slavery is abolished unless in prison, and then it all begins to make sense," he explained. "Then you see the privatized prison industry and all the corporations that have prisoners making their product. At a profit. They sell their product at a normal retail margin, they retail it normally but all of the infrastructure depends on the dollar because they getting cheap labor."     


He ends his case on a positive note, in which African Americans took their struggle and turned it into art: "What they didn’t count on was taking the experiences and philosophies to music and creating trap music, and in return, taking the thing they use to destroy us empower us and change the course of living for our families for forever."   

See the full video below.