Watch Post Malone Discuss Emergency Plane Landing: 'Shit Was Scary'

It's been a tough few months for Post Malone, who was recently involved in both a car crash and an emergency plane landing. Fortunately, he walked away from both incidents uninjured. “God must hate me lol,” he tweeted following the incidents, and while he can joke about them now, the rapper admits to Billboard that he was pretty scared at the time.

The emergency private jet landing, which happened on the morning of Aug. 21, occurred after two tires blew out when it took off from New Jersey's Teterboro Airport. Following that, the plane had to circle for hours due to there being too much fuel for the plane to land.

“I’m terrified of flying in the first place, so every time I get on a flight, I always try my best to fall asleep,” Malone tells Billboard. “But this one…I wasn’t tired, so we got on the plane, we took off. There was a censor malfunction up front, so we had to turn around and land again.”

He explains that the second time the plane took off, he and his crew “heard a big ass pop…and then shit started coming in from underneath the table and shit.” At that point, the rapper explains, he started to freak out.

“You know, you figured if something is gonna happen, just get it over with, like a Band-Aid or something,” Malone says. “But just the fucking anxiety of like, ‘This is fucked.’ That was the worst part.”

“It’s easy to look like, ‘Oh, he’s just overreacting,’” he continues. “Shit was scary! OK? Tough stuff. But, we made it!”

You can watch the full video interview with Post Malone above.