Bad Sounds Share Rowdy Kung Fu-Inspired 'Wages' Video: Exclusive

Beth Squire
Bad Sounds

Hot on the heels of releasing their debut album Get Better, British band Bad Sounds are premiering their video for “Wages,” exclusively on Billboard.

The group, fronted by brothers Callum and Ewan Merrett, draws influences from the likes of Beck, The Flaming Lips, Michael Jackson and Curtis Mayfield, resulting in an eclectic mix of sounds particularly evident in the horn-heavy “Wages,” a song that became popular after it appeared on the FIFA 18 soundtrack.

"We wrote ‘Wages’ one night when we were more desperate than ever to quit our day jobs and focus on music full time,” Ewan Merrett tells Billboard. “Ironically that was the track that people responded to most and eventually got us signed and able to quit work."

While Bad Sounds previously released a video for “Wages,” which featured the band edited into old kung fu movies from the '80s via green screen, they decided to bring that concept to life for version 2.0.

The new video, which was co-directed by Callum and Ewan, alongside Robin Fraser, sees the band performing in a Chinese restaurant, where a fight breaks out -- all while customers continue eating their meals, seemingly unbothered by the flying dishes and the man wielding a mop as a weapon.

Bad Sounds are scheduled to play at Corona Capital in Mexico City on Nov. 18, which will serve as their first non-EU international show. They also have plans to tour in the USA in 2019.

Check out Bad Sounds’ “Wages” below.