Joyeur Showcases Its Versatility With 'Lifeeater' EP: Premiere

Jessica Chanen

LIFEEATER, the debut EP from Joyeur -- premiering exclusively below -- has been a labor of love, and also just a labor, for the Los Angeles electropop duo.

"This EP took us about a year and a half and we had multiple versions of the songs -- and more songs that we decided to leave out," says Anna Feller, Joyeur's producer and instrumentalist, tells Billboard. Singer Joelle Corey, meanwhile, notes that, "This was all trial and effort. We've had so many different versions of an EP, multiple sounds and bands. We left no stone unturned. We tried everything possible to express ourselves, and this is what we ended up with after all that."

Corey and Feller met each other about four years ago, after both had moved to Los Angeles. They found common musical ground, such as Santigold, while Feller had tastes for the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor side projects. "The common denominator we had was that we liked upbeat, fun music that makes you want to dance," Corey says. "It's a good sign to us when we're dancing in the studio. Then we know we're on to something." The duo created some buzz with its 2017 cover of Kendrick Lamar's "Pride," which preceded Joyeur's first original track, "Dig."

"We did try so many different sounds -- ballads too," Corey says. "We were working on some stuff that maybe would remind you of Tori Amos; (Feller) is a classical pianist and I'm a singer. But we felt like this EP could be a little less serious in the way we express ourselves, a little more subtle. That's what (LIFEEATER) is about, just having fun."

Withe LIFEEATER out on Oct. 5, Joyeur is rehearsing a live show, which will incorporate some other musicians, and is eyeballing a full-length album in the not too distant future, which will let Corey and Feller reach out a bit further than the five tracks on the EP.

"We're really excited about the idea of showcasing our versatility, as well as (working) on the sound that we've created," Corey says. "We love this EP, and we know it's pretty versatile, so we're excited about that. We really feel confident in that direction we're going in (on the EP), so we want to do more of that. I feel like (LIFEEATER) is unique and special, so we want to move forward."