Peace One Day Releases Star-Studded Short Film With Carrie Underwood, Mike Posner, Nick Jonas and More

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Courtesy of IHeartRadio/Peace One Day 
Mike Posner 

Celebrating Peace Day (Sept. 21), non-profit organization Peace One Day teamed up with iHeartRadio and 23andMe for a campaign released on Saturday (Sept. 22) featuring a heartfelt short film with celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Mike Posner, Nick Jonas, DJ Khaled and many more.

The campaign's main goal is to inspire people to come together as one for peace. In the video, the stars share how everyone -- regardless of their differences --experiences happiness, sadness, laughter and gloom. 

"Each person around you is genetically 99.5% just like you," Nick Jonas explains, while Sam Smith notes, "We are all connected."


In an attempt to gift each other with understanding, tolerance and kindness, Peace One Day focuses on the emotional message that we are all 100% human and instead of focusing on the .5% that separates us, we should celebrate how connected we all are -- treating everyone like we would our own family.

Taking it to Twitter to share the campaign, Peace One Day posted the video along with the caption: "Check out this incredible film, released on #PeaceDay at the #IHeartFestival, partnering with @iHeartRadio and @23andMe. Written by @PeaceOneDay Ambassador @MikePosner." 

Watch the touching campaign video below.