Elle King Rolls Her Eyes at Perfection in New Song, 'Naturally Pretty Girls': Listen

Shane McCauley
Elle King

"I'm sure they just get up every morning and be boring and beautiful," Elle King growls in her new song, "Naturally Pretty Girls," the third single off her forthcoming sophomore LP, Shake the Spirit.   

The tune, released Friday (Sept. 21), follows King's characteristic swag and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, a sound fans missed since her 2015 album, Love Stuff. "I even heard that in school, she dated Leonardo DiCaprio/Just leave it to a pretty, pretty girl to ruin your day," she sings in the chorus.    


"I'm just excited to put music out in the world again," she previously told Billboard of her upcoming album. "Not just me, but my whole band. We really put our heart and soul into all of this. It's not just like, 'Oh, we want to play shows.' We want to show people what we did."

Listen to "Naturally Pretty Girls" below.