Robyn Opens Up About Turning Childhood Wounds Into Pop Gems: 'You're in the Hands Of Your Sorrow'

Mark Peckmezian

A devastating breakup, the death of a longtime friend, and her parents' divorce. These are just some of the traumas that have influenced Swedish singer Robyn's pop hits.

After an eight-year disappearance from the public eye, Robyn is back with a new album Honey, releasing on Oct. 25. She's always been raw and real, which is always refreshing in the pop world. It's been a tough road, but she's used her roadblocks to bounce back, create her own record label, and of course, deliver powerful new music. 

At the ripe young age of 11, Robyn wrote her first song, influenced by her parents' divorce, as she tells The New York Times in a Sept. 21 interview: "All my sad songs about heartbreak and stuff -- I think it’s really still about the divorce." Later on, she was slammed with even more devastating heartbreak -- the loss of her good friend and talented producer, Christian Falk. A year after his death, she had to cancel two shows on her 2015 tour because it was "too painful" for her to perform the songs they wrote together.

However, Robyn explains in the NYT interview that during these times of deep sadness and loss are of the moments where she feels most in tune with her emotions. "You’re so just in the hands of your sorrow, and you find out things about yourself that you don’t find out any other way.” 

Robyn has emerged from her hiatus ready to bring her newly rebuilt self back to the world. She tells the Times, “I feel like I almost became another the goal wasn’t for me to come back -- I really feel like I rearranged my insides in a way."

While Robyn doesn't want to ignore her past, she is eager to use that inspiration to evolve along with her music.