Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Face Off in School and Slapjack on 'Tonight Show': Watch

Kevin Hart
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Kevin Hart on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 19, 2018.

Kevin Hart co-hosted The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, where the Night School actor and comedian competed against Fallon in multliple challenges and faced his fear of animals. 

The episode kicked off with Hart crashing Fallon's monologue and making fun of Fallon's jokes. He subsequently moved on to Fallon's appearance: "Anyone ever tell you you have a big head, Jimmy?" he said. "They had to make Imax just for the two movies he made."

"You've made so many movies in the last few years, Kevin. Ever thought of just making one good one?" Fallon shot back. Fallon then joked that he asked Hart to co-host when Dwayne Johnson — Hart's tongue-in-cheek public rival and frequent film co-star — turned him down.  

Johnson again made an appearance when the Ride Along star tried to FaceTime Dwayne Johnson, who didn't pick up; when he sat down at Fallon's desk. When Fallon tried, however, Johnson responded and proceeded to insult Hart on the phone: "Kevin to me is like a little Gremlin. I just want to take him and throw him into oncoming traffic." Johnson then sang "Happy Birthday" to Fallon, whose birthday was Wednesday. (Later, Hart celebrated Fallon's birthday by giving him a suggestive photo of himself in underwear for his upcoming Tommy John campaign. )

In another segment, in honor of Hart's upcoming film Night School, Hart and Fallon went to a Queens high school for a day and competed against each other to see who is the better student. (The students didn't know they were coming.) The brutal rivalry began in math class, where Fallon tried to butter up the teacher by giving him an apple; Hart did him one better by giving the teacher a gift basket of Apple products. Both had a hard time dissecting a frog in science class, which prompted them to start retching. But Hart easily found a group to eat lunch with, while a lame joke from Fallon prompted a whole table of students to relocate.

Eventually, during a school assembly, the principal announced Hart's victory: "Jimmy, we know you tried very, very hard and we are very proud of you. But Kevin, you are the better student." Hart, in his acceptance speech, revealed that the Queens students were going to see Night School before anyone else.

Hart also plugged his production company, Hartbeat Productions, during his co-hosting gig: While discussing Night School, his first movie under the banner," he said that his company was interested in making "grounded" films. "That's where the world of Hartbeat Productions is, and that's what it's going to be," he said, with movies "that people are going to relate to."

At another point, the co-hosts played a game of Slapjack in which both players wore giant hands and slapped each other's face when they won a round. Fallon called for one of his face-slaps to be replayed in slow-motion.

During Robert Irwin's guest appearance, Hart confronted his fear of animals. "I hear you're a bit of a wildlife lover yourself," Irwin told Hart when he greeted him. "No you heard wrong, I'm the complete opposite," Hart responded.

Irwin proceeded to bring an array of animals to the stage: First was  "Gisele," a baby ostrich, which the guest called "cute and cuddly" but caused Hart to jump out of his seat. LeBron, a snake, came next: Fallon urged Hart to "overcome his fears" by holding the snake but Hart refused: "Let me tell you what I've gotten really good at in my life: saying no," he told the audience.

"Kevin, you know how to deal with big snakes. Have you seen his Tommy John ad?" Fallon joked.

Night School releases in theaters on Sept. 28.

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