'Quincy' Trailer Highlights Life and Career of Quincy Jones: Watch

Amy Harris/Invision/AP
Quincy Jones seen on day one of Summit LA17 in Downtown Los Angeles's Historic Broadway Theater District on Nov. 3, 2017 in Los Angeles.

Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming doc about the life and career of record producer Quincy Jones on Thursday.

Quincy was directed by Jones' daughter Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks.

The trailer opens with Jones being introduced as "one of the finest musicians." A clip of Lady Gaga stating, "Pressure's on. Quincy's here" shows his lasting influence in the music industry.

A number of musicians appear in the trailer, including Tony Bennett and Paul McCartney.    

Will Smith says in the trailer that Jones, who served as an executive producer and composer for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is responsible for his career.

"You all know the story, right? Quincy Jones discovered me," Oprah Winfrey later said in a clip from The Oprah Winfrey Show.

After showing off many of his professional accomplishments, the trailer cuts to highlight some of the producer's health scares. "I'm a survivor. My whole life has been like that," he says in a voiceover.  

Jones then informs viewers about his childhood. "It was Southside of Chicago in the '30s, man, during the Depression. I wanted to be a gangster 'til I was 11. You want to be what you see," he explains. "That's all we ever saw."

"I started playing in a band, 14-years-old. Worked in the nightclubs," he says about his introduction to the music industry. "To see black men that would dignify it, proud. I said, 'That's what I want to be. I want to be in that family.'"

He continues, "Music was the one thing that offered me my freedom." A montage of Jones working over many years follows.

The trailer teases that the documentary will touch on both his career and personal life, including his role as a father to his six daughters and one son.

"I see the power of music as a tool to reach the hearts and minds of millions of people," Jones says in a voiceover as clips of his performing are played. The trailer also includes clips and photos of him interacting with Barack Obama, John Legend and Snoop Dogg.

The trailer concludes with videos of Jones that continue to highlight his personal and professional lives. "You only live 26,000 days. I'm gonna wear them all out," he says.

Quincy will be available to stream on Netflix on Sept. 21.

This article originally appeared in THR.com.