NYC Subway Stations Pay Tribute to Aretha Franklin With 'Respect' Signs

Aretha Franklin
Mario Suriani/AP/Shutterstock

Aretha Franklin performs at New York's Radio City Music Hall on July 6, 1989.

The Queen of Soul got some "respect" by New York City, as an Aretha Franklin tribute popped up at the Franklin Ave subway stations.

When the icon died on Aug. 16 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, fans began to post tributes at the A/C line Brooklyn station and the 1 line train stop in Tribeca that share names with the singer. They were quickly taken down, but the MTA unveiled their own decals on Sept. 1--black-and-white signs that read "Respect." The signs coincided with Franklin's funeral in Detroit. 

See the photo via a fan Twitter account below.