Hunter Hayes Apologizes to his Mom, That Uber Driver on Upbeat 'One Shot': Listen

Hunter Hayes
Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Hunter Hayes

The 26-year-old country star sings about partying way too hard on the track.

Hunter Hayes might have millions of record sales and five Grammy nominations under his belt, but he’s not scared to bring himself a bit low to apologize for some hazily remembered bad choices he's made on nights out he can't quite remember. On Wednesday (Aug. 23) the country superstar took to Twitter to announce his new feel-good-about-feeling-bad single “One Shot”, an instant party anthem that ironically talks about… partying too much.      

The Louisiana native hasn’t released an album since 2015's The 21 Project, but in a recent interview with Taste of Country, he spilled that he’s working on a new project slated for release later this year. ‘’I’ve never done anything like this. I've never written anything like the stuff on this album and there's topics that I've never covered before that I've been afraid to cover," he said. "Musically, there's some stuff we've tried that we've never tried before.’’     

Earlier in August, the singer released the track “Dear God”, a tearful study of self-doubt presented in a cry-for-help, prayer-like format to God. In “One Shot”, Hayes seems to be more at peace with his demons, as he openly sings about drinking and partying too much and essentially, not owing people any answers for his  decisions. "Got a lot of memories, not a lot of regrets/ Every time I said I'd never do it again/ Was right before I headed out for one more spin," he sings over bright, rolling piano before barreling into the bouncy chorus, "I started with one shot to have a good time/ Everybody knows how easy one can turn into five/ Don't judge because it ain't nobody's life but mine/ And I only get one shot, so I take it one shot at a time."    

Hayes boldly sings about his past mistakes and understanding the consequences of his choices, but concludes by asking you not to judge him “Because it ain’t nobody's life but mine." In the highly relatable, hungover-chant, Hayes shows us that he’s ready to own up to his internal battles, always with the uplifting, hopeful tone that’s a signature of his music.   

Check out the new single below.