Nicki Minaj Left Stephen Colbert Speechless With Hilarious Freestyle Rap: Watch

Nicki Minaj gave an impromptu rap on The Late Show which its host Stephen Colbert will dine out on for years to come. 

After a few rounds of delays, Minaj finally dropped her fifth studio album, Queen, last Friday. She’s now in the full swing of promo, and she dropped by the CBS studios Monday night for a chat with Colbert about its finer points. 

At one stage, Colbert homed in on "Barbie Dreams," a track which is getting a lot of attention for some of the famous male artists she dissed, and how they could never get lucky with the rap star. "But I noticed I’m not on the list of men,” Colbert quipped. "It’s pretty comprehensive. It’s a pretty comprehensive list, and I’m just curious, if I were to make the list, how might you inform me?"     

Step on up Nicki Minaj, who unleashed a freestyle that doubled as a massive compliment for the talk-show host, and a show of force for it's creator. “I might [bleep] Stephen after the show/He gon’ come back to work with a magical glow.” 

With that, Colbert was lost for words. Minaj seized the moment and went in for the kill: “But when you see us [bleep] please don’t stare/Just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert.”

Gathering himself, Colbert gave due applause and mused out loud, "It's all downhill from here."

Watch the full interview below.