Get to Know Broods, the Brother-Sister Duo Behind 'Peach': Watch

Brother-sister duo Broods stopped by Billboard to help their fans get to know a bit more about them as part of the “You Should Know” video series.

The New Zealand-born group, comprised of Georgia and Caleb Nott, explain that they were born in Blenheim, but grew up in a town called Nelson. The name Broods was actually suggested by their manager, although the pair originally considered calling themselves Why July because both of them, along with all of their siblings, were born in July.

When it comes to their music, Caleb tells Billboard that his biggest inspiration is the Gorillaz, while Georgia names Bat for Lashes, calling her “stupidly good.”

Asked what song of theirs people unfamiliar with their music should listen to first, Georgia suggests “Peach,” the first single off of their next album, with Caleb adding that should be the general rule of thumb for anyone’s music. “People that want to get into anybody's music always just listen to the latest thing,” he says, “Because that's where it's going and that's what the artist is most excited about.”

As for why people should listen to their music in the first place, Georgia jokes that people should listen so they can continue making music. “And it's really great,” she adds. “You can do everything when you're listening to our music. Dance, cry, have a panic attack, question your life choices, love somebody, have sex. It's all there. You can do anything to our music.”

Check out the video above to hear more from Broods, including what the first song they ever wrote was and what they would consider to be their must-haves on tour.