President Trump's Space Force Now Has a Theme Song Thanks to Samantha Bee: Watch

Space Force Anthem
Courtesy of TBS

"Space Force Anthem" on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. 

Actually, it has three or four theme songs.

It's official: there is going to be a Space Force. Vice President Mike Pence made the announcement at the Pentagon on Thursday (Aug. 9), saying that "America's best and bravest will be called to deter and defeat an new generation of threats to our people, to our nation" during a speech confirming the creation of Pres. Trump's outer space militia. 

Standing alongside Defense Secretary James Mattis, Pence said the new Force will be up and running by 2020 to ensure America's dominance in space in light of anti-satellite weapon threats from China and Russia in the increasingly crowded, adversarial outer limits. According to Axios, the new combat command will be overseen by a four-star general, with plans to request $8 billion for space security systems over the next five years from Congress, which alone has the power to establish a new branch of the military.

It's unclear at the moment what celestial villains this new branch of the armed forces will be battling, but of course any intergalactic defense team worth their weight in moon rocks needs a killer theme song. Which is why Samantha Bee was more than happy to provide the official "Space Force Anthem" for this unlikely sixth branch of the U.S. military on Wednesday night's (Aug. 8) edition of Full Frontal.

The song was performed by a futuristic 8-person chorus dressed in silver jackets, white pants and cool galactic glasses, who sang the anthem's lyrics in perfect robotic harmony. "Space force, space force/We ride into battle on a Space Force/Of course/Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew/We got you, space force!/We will fight whoever we get/Whomever makes it up here, in space/Not on earth, they have to come to us/Whoever can afford to, in space/I guess we'll fight Elon Musk, in space/We are the space force, space force/This is a bad idea, of course!"

But the ode to the new King of Space isn't the only potential soundtrack for Trump's far out fantasy.

Pres. Trump was very excited about the announcement.

Check out the "Anthem" and a few other contenders below, including the intro the original "Space Force" from 1978.

The Songify This! folks took Trump's multiple mentions of the Force (as well as some comments about the ozone layer and hair spray) and mixed them with some classic scenes from science fiction flicks for a super-catchy stellar jam.

The Dan McDonnell Band gave it a shot with an earnest electro rock tune with appropriately cosmic lyrics. "Before glorious president Trump can assume the intergalactic throne/He surveyed the universe and said, 'Let's make all of this our own'/He commissioned a group of soldiers to take upon their shoulders/A daunting task with relentless fear, ultimate conquest of the last frontier." 

Mike Wszolek went for a more old school sitcom approach in his blazing "Space Force Theme Song," featuring the unforgettable oath: "Listen up America help is here/Space Force/To protect and serve outside the atmosphere/Space Force (space force)/Shooting rockets up to the stars/Galactic lazers blowing up Mars/Saving Earth from alien scum/Look out cosmos!/Here we come!"

Pres. Trump is a bit late, Fred Willard got there first 40 years ago.


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